What is an expedition?

What is a typical expedition like? What should I expect?


For one week, participants stay in a rural community and have direct interaction with villagers through project work, trainings, meals, games, and celebration! While in the village, expedition participants will be camping in tents and/or sleeping in a schoolhouse or community building.  Meals are prepared by the in-country staff and expedition participants. Members of the group will be divided into teams to help manage projects, cleaning, cooking, etc. Much of the day can be spent on the project, but we also encourage participants to “shadow” villagers in their daily tasks. 


As a group, participants spend time learning about extreme poverty at both a global and community level. They eat well and work hard. They exchange ideas, cultural norms, and truly learn what it means to be a global citizen. The expedition is as much about creating a connection between the two cultures, as it is working on projects. We encourage participants to take time to share stories, music, and their own cultural traditions.  

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