Meet Our Staff - Peru


Wilmer Vicente Cruz LaMadrid /CHOICE Peru Director


Karla Carrasco Flores / Administration and Accounting


Adan Sosa / Health and Education Facilitator 

Adán Sosa Mejía, lives in Piura and has a degree in nursing from Alas Peruanas University. He spent many years working in different hospitals in rural communities where he realized the need for rural healthcare.

He has a passion for helping others so he is a volunteer for his church’s charity gorup. He was inspired by the use of their profession to help populations in extreme poverty so he became involved in community development. He works on health and nutrition projects including projects to help combat anemia and child malnutrition, family and community health, adult literacy, etc. He enjoys being involved in projects that are transforming communities in extreme poverty and improving the health of those most in need.


Jose Abel Gomez Panta / Agronomist

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