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placeholder.pngOlger Guillermo Pop / CHOICE Guatemala Director 

Olger was born in Guatemala City and lives now in Coban, Guatemala with his wife Hortencia (who also works for CHOICE) and his four children. Olger grew up in the home of his Grandfather in Coban and was influenced by his Grandfather's values of honesty, integrity, and principle. His native language is Q'eqchi, but is fluent in Spanish as well. 

Olger graduated from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala with a Science degree in Agronomy. Upon graduation, he was granted a scholarship from the French Embassy for a Master’s Degree in Land Administration for Sustainable Development. After graduation, Olger went to work in the El Estor Izabal parish for Corporation TAK group of Central America as an Agronomist working in land legalization.

Olger comes to CHOICE with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both agriculture and sustainable development. Olger is an honest man with principles and shares his grandfather's values of honesty and integrity. He is a man of faith who loves to be challenged. He likes to travel, enjoys his family, loves to meet other people and has many dreams he hopes to become realities in his lifetime. Under his leadership, CHOICE hopes to grow and expand our impact in the Polochic region of Guatemala.


Ananias Ical Acte / General Services

I was born in the municipality of La Libertad in the department of Peten. I am the oldest of nine siblings. It took me a while to finish my basic education as I had to stop studying for awhile help my dad with agriculture. Ultimately I was able to earn a certificate in Rural Primary Education. This was difficult as I had to learn Spanish. Until this point, I spoke only my local language - Q'eqchi. After working as a welder to save for school, I enrolled at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala to study the Secondary Education Pedagogy. I was also teaching the Q'eqchi language, social sciences, and natural sciences to primary students to pay for my education. I was also teaching welding.

In 2016 I continued to work at the Peten Educational Center as I was still given the opportunity and that year several colleagues supported me to take my special graduation exam and thank God I was able to achieve my goal of being a teacher of Middle School. Unfortunately that year a tragedy happened in the family, my father died, a moment that will be unforgettable in my life. Due to this, I went to live with my family in Alta Verapaz, I had to take care of my mother.

This year I could not continue with my university studies due to the family tragedy. I spent a few months without work until in March I was given the opportunity to work at CHOICE Humanitarian as a welder. I am very happy with my job the support of the CHOICE Humanitarian Guatemala team.

Hortencia_Castaneda.pngHortencia Amparo Castañeda / Administrator / Sikaab'e

I am originally from Sansare El Progreso. I grew up in a healthy and peaceful environment with four brothers. My childhood was very interesting because from a very early age my parents teach taught their children to perform different domestic chores, from that, I learned to cook oriental food. However, my father believed that women don’t go to school, study, or receive inheritance or property.

I always wanted to study and I always insisted that I would give the best of me. My parents were uncomfortable with the idea, but they allowed me to continue with my basic studies. My parents didn’t have money to pay for school, so with the help of my sister, I found a job as a secretary. I did not like it, but it was the only way for me to continue to go to school. Little by little my father changed his mind and allowed me to work in Guatemala City. It was there that I worked on my professional skills and also where I met my husband Olger Guillermo Pop who encouraged me to continue my studies. After having children, I received a Law Degree in Legal and Social Sciences.


Sergio Choc / Agronomist


Francisca Leticia Garcia

Eddin_Baudilio_Ical.pngEddin Baudilio Ical / Director of Education 

I was born in the village of La Laguna Sajonté, in the municipality of Senahú, in the department of Alta Verapaz. I studied the career of the diversified level at the NAUQ' school in Senahú Alta Verapaz. In 2014 I have a degree as an Intercultural Bilingual Primary Education Teacher.

I help with the program and work with community members to acquire new knowledge that will allow them to have a better future. At the same time, I am a counselor for a group of forty-two (42) students, I really like to support young people especially to educate them for their future. I want to continue my education and receive a degree in Educational Administration so that I may continue to help rural communities.

I consider myself a kind, responsible, respectful, punctual person, of ethical, moral and spiritual values. I like to face challenges, overcome barriers because through that I can improve and realize the different realities that we face every day.


Santiago Ical / Animal Production Maintenance


Wendy Lopez / Accountant / Office Administrator 


Juan Jose Mejia / Driver 


Raul Coc Pop / General Services 


Edwin Otoniel Sacul / Agronomist 


Carmela Xi / Cook


Elias Rigoberto Xol / Agronomist / Nursery Maintenance


Sergio Xol



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