Why Get Involved?

Be an active global citizen by joining the fight to end extreme poverty!

With over 37 years in rural development and expert in-country teams, CHOICE Humanitarian guarantees that your donation will help end extreme poverty in a sustainable manner. Your donation is critical to our work and we are grateful to you! 

Upgrade your donation by making it a recurring donation with exclusive perks through The Village membership program! 

If you prefer not to give online, you may mail in a check to: 

7879 South 1530 West, #200
West Jordan Utah 84088

or Call 801-474-1937

Who's donating

Adelina Littler
Shauna Priskos
George Mayfield
Aharon Eviatar
Larry Brown
Andy and Mindy Crockett
Brian Smith
Scott McWilliams
Jennifer Hutchinson
William Broadhead
David Hill
Cheryl Davies
Thomas Bickes
RoseMary Skinner
Spencer Mayfield
Paul Verst
Sue Ann Marman
Sue Ann Marman
Chris Benson
sue ann Marman
Jordan Brown
Bryce Ray
Heidi Nebeker
Hai Tran
Heidi Nebeker
Christi Buckley
Kaliska Day
sue ann Marman
Ross Whitaker

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