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CHOICE Humanitarian works in seven countries. The work in each country is managed by highly experienced Country Directors and their staff.

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CHOICE Humanitarian is about people. With support from our donors and partners, we work with rural communities around the globe ending extreme poverty. We focus on developing local leaders as the basis for sustainable transformation out of poverty. 

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Extending Lives through Clean Stoves

Cooking and keeping warm is essential to any household, but for villagers living in extreme poverty, fulfilling those needs can be costly. In rural Nepal, indoor air pollution caused by wood stoves leads to significant health concerns, particularly for women and children. Prolonged exposure to unclean air lowers the life...




Everyone can do something to help end extreme poverty – and shopping is one of them. Check out the awesome assortment of items we are offering for sale to support our efforts. Buy your CHOICE t-shirt now! 

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    Thursday, April 02, 2020 at 07:45 AM
    Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT

    Breakfast of Humanitarians



    This 1-hour program will highlight CHOICE's progress and drive our guests to join in the movement to end extreme poverty. Last year, close to 500 of Utah's most influential leaders joined us to learn about our important work which generated over $100,000 in support - a testament to the power of this program!

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