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CHOICE Humanitarian works in seven countries. The work in each country is managed by highly experienced Country Directors and their staff.

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CHOICE Humanitarian is about people. With support from our donors and partners, we work with rural communities around the globe ending extreme poverty. We focus on developing local leaders as the basis for sustainable transformation out of poverty. 

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Native Leaders Lifting Their Villages

How CHOICE leaders are making change happen in their communities. CHOICE Humanitarian’s mission is to end extreme poverty. That mission couldn’t be accomplished without the volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to making the world a better place—one village at a time. At every level of the organization—from our...




Everyone can do something to help end extreme poverty – and shopping is one of them. Check out the awesome assortment of items we are offering for sale to support our efforts. Buy your CHOICE t-shirt now! 

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CHOICE Humanitarian Co-Founder, James B. Mayfield, Ph.D., is about to release a new book that details how we scaled from a village model to a district model and how this will accelerate the end of extreme poverty. 



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