Message from Our Director, Oscar Vilela Seminario

Have you ever thought that there are people right now living in remote parts of the world who have nothing to eat today?  What about children who believe they are poor because their parents and grandparents are poor and think that they have little or no hope of changing their circumstance? There are people in this world living very differently from our reality.  Currently 8,500 children die every day in the world because of extreme poverty.  These numbers reflect the inequality of opportunities for progress.  Despite living in a world that continues to grow and develop economically, we still face the challenge of reducing extreme poverty in the world.


CHOICE Humanitarian was born out of this need.  CHOICE acts as the agent of change that seeks to eradicate extreme poverty in rural communities by providing self-management tools for sustainable and local development. To fulfill this mission, we have developed a strategy that allows us to build trust in rural communities, and then helps to guide people in finding their own path out of extreme poverty.  We give them options so that they can improve their present situation and to bring them to a promising future.  There’s a saying: "If you give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime." That's what we do; we want people to achieve real and sustainable benefits.

Our motivation is to see children full of energy, smiling and developing in school.  We want to see the empowerment of women, showing their leadership skills and teamwork; to see organized rural villagers, self-managing their opportunities and obtaining higher yields and improved income opportunities for families. We want to see all rural communities in the country overcoming extreme poverty and its consequences. When we have achieved this, we will have a more equitable world for all.  CHOICE wants to leave this legacy to all future generations and me and my team work daily to do our part to end extreme poverty in Peru. 

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