Message from Our Director, Wilmer Vicente Cruz LaMadrid

My name is Wilmer. I was born in a small town named Cerro Mocho of humble and hard-working parents who grew rice. My mother taught me the value of work and study. She always said, “STUDY TO GET A BETTER FUTURE THAN OURS.” I always wonder what kind of career my father or mother would have had if they had the opportunity to study? Maybe a manager or an engineer, I will never know. There are many reasons for poverty; the lack of opportunities, inequality, political and social abandon, the isolation of the government with the rural sectors, and the lack of policies that protect vulnerable people. I am a man convinced that the support, advice and sincere interest in people will create positive change.

I have been fighting to end extreme poverty in Peru for almost seven years and to see that our people are treated with dignity and respect. For me it is not a job, it is my passion and my life philosophy. All my studies have been directed to improving the quality of life in these communities and working with professionals who understand the power of their influence. These professionals donate time, talent, knowledge, and love for the others.

I've grown up in this institution; I been an intern, then the assistant and Director of Health and Nutrition. Now I am the Country Director. I am very motivated to keep helping to my people, to encourage the team of Peru to a higher level and keep spreading the CHOICE model to more communities. We work with them on leadership skills, empowerment, health and nutrition, economic development and gender equality.

I have the faith that someday, not far away, everyone will have equal opportunities that let us live with dignity and improve ourselves in all aspects. Join our philosophy of life;  you can do a lot!