Message from Our Director, Prateek Sharma

Development has many dimensions. In the effort to increase income growth and infrastructure the most important part of sustainable development, the people, are often neglected. In a diverse country like Nepal, there are many issues like culture, ethnicity, gender, faith, and geography, which play a vital role in determining what the 'development' need is for a particular community. 


In Nepal, voices for 'identity' within the caste system of Nepal, and 'equitable participation in state affairs' by all people of Nepal are getting louder. These are some of the major issues contributing to the civil unrest Nepal has experienced over the last two decades. CHOICE Nepal’s work speaks to these issues, respects the dignity of all human beings, and the different cultures represented by the people of Nepal. CHOICE Nepal helps people to fully develop their potential. We believe real development takes place when we start with understanding the underlying social and cultural dynamics of a community and build from there.

CHOICE Nepal has always been a leader in responding to emergencies and undertaking projects that have to be done quickly to be of value to recipients.  We took the lead in supporting the flood victims in Bardiya in the Far West, and in helping the Gorkha earthquake victims in central Nepal. We did this by providing food, clothing, shelter, and warmth to the people quickly and efficiently.

My aim is to eliminate extreme poverty, maintain transparency, ensure the effectiveness of CHOICE projects, improve the quality of life in rural areas, empower the local communities and local leaders, and assist in economic development through agriculture and small businesses.