Message from Our Director, Willy Mendoza

Dear Humanitarian friends,

My name is Willy Mendoza, Director of CHOICE Bolivia. First I want to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to work on the important mission of combating poverty. I believe it is necessary for all people to be busily engaged in a good cause. Our cause is to help those in need to make a good living and have the resources to make a good life. CHOICE Humanitarian creates tools to help those in need and identifies strategies to enable them to overcome poverty. We believe that"poverty is a lack of opportunities and CHOICE Bolivia’s work helps create these opportunities for people all over the country.


Evidence suggests one of our greatest needs as a human being is to give and to make a contribution to our communities or humanity at large. When we feel frustrated in this effort, we often direct our energy and talents into meaningless channels.

I know my life, and that of my community has been improved by embracing the values of sustainability and collective action of CHOICE advocates.  I have seen first-hand the impact that the CHOICE Model of Leadership Development has had on the people of Bolivia…. my people! We love bringing our model of leadership development to as many villages in Bolivia as we can.

I am especially grateful for the great spirit and love of all of our donors, our fellowmen, and my fellow CHOICE Directors.  I deeply appreciate their lifetime of friendship and service.  This world is a better place when people like you support humanitarian projects.

I want all to know that CHOICE Humanitarian focuses its development process on the people involved.  CHOICE Humanitarian engages villagers in a learn-by-doing process that leads to the internalization of development know-how. I ask for your support to continue this great work in alleviating extreme poverty.  With your help, I know we can do it.

Dr. Willy Mendoza | CHOICE Bolivia Director