Meet Our Staff - Mexico

Juan-Luis-Alducin.pngJuan Luis Alducin / CHOICE Mexico Director

Juan was born in Mexico City and in 1960, while he was attending the Metropolitan University of Xochimilco in Mexico City, and working on his Engineering degree in Agronomy, Juan met Ana Castaneda; and after a sort of rocky courtship, they were married in 1986. 

Juan holds a post graduate degree in Fruit Cultivation, an Honors Degree in Rural Development, a degree in Agriculture and Livestock from Universidad Iberoamericana, and a Diploma in Technological Advancement from Celaya-NAFIN. After graduating from the university, Juan worked at teaching people how to care for fruit trees.  He realized he enjoyed helping people even more than caring for plants.  He later earned his master’s degree in World Development and worked on planning roads for villages that had only rocky paths lading to their communities.  “These people need transportation,” Juan says. “Some of them would have to walk six hours to get to a hospital.”

Juan Alducin joined CHOICE in 1995.  Since then, Juan has been managing all CHOICE Mexico programs in and around the work areas of Irapuato and Guanajuato. Juan is responsible for launching successful goat cheese factories and organizing the villages into several successful cooperatives. More recently CHOICE Mexico expanded into several other new work areas including; San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Queretaro, and the state of Mexico as Juan continues his efforts to expand the CHOICE model to different regions of Mexico.

Juan has a deep love and passion for his people and works tirelessly to improve their economic standards, always going the ‘extra mile’ in support of their efforts.  He is a master at developing local leaders.  He works together with them, teaching and training them in networking skills, and empowering them to mobilize important resources.  Juan has an outstanding reputation in Mexico and has gained significant recognition. He is an expert at leveraging CHOICE dollars to their maximum by linking CHOICE villagers with outside resources to realize their vision and dreams.  

Juan and his wife, Ana, have four daughters; Ana Laura, Alejandra, Maria Fernanda, and Arantza. This year Juan and Ana became grandparents with the birth of their grandson, Liam Bradford to their daughter Alejandra and son-in-law, Rob Bradford. 


Laura Alducin Castañeda / Development Director / Expeditions Coordinator


Margarita Landeros Mechaca / Communications Officer 


Cesar David Aguilar Escobar / Project Manager / Veterinarian Science


Ana Lilia Castañeda Manrique / Projects / Gender Equity / Expeditions 


Mauricio de Jesus Garcia / Projects / Acambay


Eduardo Garcia Murillo / Projects / Aquaponics


Teresa Ruiz / Projects / Acambay


Antonatiuh Valdez / Health and Veterinarian Services


Claudia Sarahi Soriano / Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajio Program 


Lourdes Melo Ortega / Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajio Program 


Erick Fernando Lopez / Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajio Program 


Jose Luis Morales / Animal Caretaker


Mayra Gallegos Vasquez / Administrative Accountant 


Rosalio Rosales / Construction Supervisor 


Quirino Padilla / Micro Expeditions Facilitator