Meet Our Staff - Bolivia

willy-mendoza.pngDr. Willy Mendoza / CHOICE Bolivia Director

Willy Mendoza has been working with CHOICE Humanitarian since he was a young man. Willy is a professional dentist by trade and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Village Development. He works with his team in Bolivia on water systems, the environment, health, education, and cultural appreciation of the Altiplano region of Bolivia. Willy works tirelessly to support self-sufficiency within the Aymara communities. He promotes the self-development of the Bolivian people by incorporating CHOICE’s Model of Leadership Development, community building from the ground up. 

He was born in La Paz, Bolivia to, Romulo and Juliana Mendoza. His father was a leader of 63 villages in the province of Ingavi, Department of La Paz. His father was a teacher in the communities; and Willy learned early in life to respect, honor, and appreciate the leadership and culture of an Altiplano community.  

He followed the cultural beliefs and led his life within the strictures of indigenous Aymara Culture. Willy is engaged with the people in Bolivia and deeply respects the traditional way of the Aymara nation. Today Willy has inherited the great leadership and authority qualities (Mallcu) of his father.  Willy has done extensive work as a professional translator between Spanish and Aymara, and continues to volunteer his time facilitating communication between the speakers of both languages in his community. He is happily married to Maxima Castro and he has two daughters, Emily and Ruth Mendoza.


Julio Mancilla Castro / Agronomist / Education & Videography Specialist


German Justo Laura / Water & Sanitation Technician


Maxima Mendoza / Director of Administration / Accounting Manager / Expeditions Coordinator


Jimena Ramos / Rural Development Facilitator (RDF)


Felix Primitivo Vargas / Senior Technician & Vehicle Maintenance Specialist 


Edwin Chinahuanca / Agriculture Specialist