give. grow. gain.

Give opportunity. Grow possibilities. Gain self-reliance.

This holiday season CHOICE is raising money for family gardens in Kenya, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala and Nepal.

A family garden can mean the ability to concentrate in school, the capacity for a healthy pregnancy, or the strength to act on new opportunities and exit the cycle of poverty. Help families reach their potential and donate now.



Family gardens eliminate nutritional deficiencies, add additional revenue to supplement the family income and have become an important training tool in creating self-reliance.

The CHOICE Family Gardening program is and continues to be an integral part of our overall approach to help families rise to their potential. Family gardens eliminate nutritional deficiencies as well as provide additional revenue to supplement the family income. Schools in Nepal, Kenya, Bolivia, Mexico and Guatemala, having seen the success of family gardening, are now creating their own 'community' gardens. These gardens provide fresh fruit and vegetables for children's lunches.

We are raising funds to buy seed and train families and schools to create gardening areas throughout CHOICE work regions. These gardening areas will bolster income and nutrition for individual families, schools, and entire communities! Also family gardens are an important training tool to help communities become self-reliant. This program will eventually expand to include livestock, orchards and crop diversification. Join us in creating self-reliant, healthy communities.