board of directors

Board of Directors

“Go to the people, live among the people, learn from the people, plan with the people, work with the people, start with what the people know, and build on what the people have.” -- Jim Mayfield

Kristin Allred Stockham, Board Chair
Chair, Waterford Board of Directors and School Parents’ Advisory Council
James Mayfield, Co-Founder
Professor Emeritus, Public Administration & Middle East Studies, University of Utah. CHOICE Humanitarian co-founder
Rich Israelsen, Past Board Chair
Founder and CEO, DownEast Home & Clothing
Marc Fuller, Past Board Chair (New York)
President & CEO of BIA Investments LLC with Leucadia National Corporation
Linda Fogg-Phillips (Nevada)
Instructor, Persuasive Technology, Stanford University
Niels Valentiner
Founder & President, VCBO Architecture
Josh Cameron
CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Crest Financial
Albert E. Haines (Texas)
Former senior executive officer in local government, the non-profit and private sectors, and international development
Todd Kim
President, Galileo Financial Group
Jonathan Campbell
Credit Manager,Wheeler Machinery Co. Traveler and Outdoor Lover
Brad Merrill
Partner, Snell & Wilmer, LPP
Greg Roumpos
Partner, Galileo Financial Group
Paul Henroid
Co-founder & director of Komodo Systems
Shannon Freedman
Mary Lee Call (Arizona)
Professor Emeritus, Brigham Young University
Mike Bumstead (Washington)
Principle owner of Tag's Thrift Store. Former President of Bumstead Manufacturing Inc
Krista Sorenson
Director, Sorenson Impact Foundation
Corbin Church
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Family Man